Is Psychotherapy For Me?

Psychotherapy is for anyone ready to improve the quality of their lives. Many people come in with anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship, or other difficulties. Many feel something is “missing.” Others hope to increase their sense of connection to others, to themselves, or to their spirituality. Whatever your hope, I can help you step in to who you really are. Psychotherapy may take you further than you expect.

Individuals / Adolescents

For an individual of any age, psychotherapy is a place where you can take an honest look, in a confidential setting, at thoughts, feelings, and patterns that leave you feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, or not-quite-satisfied. We’ll embrace these feelings as guides and hear what they need to tell you. Because your body—where these feelings live—is on your side, and it’s calling you to take the first steps toward seeing and freeing the authentic, joyful you.


Couples often come for help when they’re unable to resolve the same fights or silences over and over. Sexual intimacy may be suffering, and partners may hope for more love, better communication, or more growth and excitement. I provide a safe space where couples can explore beneath their “triggers” to disarm the fears that keep them stuck. You’ll know your partner and yourself differently, so a more intimate and satisfying couplehood can emerge. All couples welcome.

Parents / Children

As a parent, you want your kids free to be their best selves. And you want to enjoy parenthood yourself—because it’s not going away anytime soon. I support parents in giving their kids, themselves, and their relationship what they need to thrive. I advocate caring, research-aligned parenting practices, such as emotion coaching and developmentally-appropriate responsive guidance–which changes constantly as kids grow from infancy into adulthood. If your child is impacted by difficult or traumatic experiences from pre-birth on, Lifespan Integration is gentle, rapid, and effective.

I’m a Certified Gottman Educator for the research-based Bringing Baby Home curriculum, which prepares parents to care for the emotional and developmental needs of their kids and their relationships.

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