My Approach

My goal is to bring your body-mind-spirit into a state of ease and flow. I introduce you to your own intuitive awareness, which is then a solid, trustworthy guide and comfort for all that will come in your life.

Emotional and relational difficulties are held in the physical body,  in the energetic body, and in the mind that perceives them. Approaching from just one perspective leaves the others holding onto the old patterns–so the work you’ve done can easily be undone.

My work flows flexibly between the three perspectives, so we find the way “in” that works best for you–and from there move to the “harder” perspectives as they loosen in response to progress. My intention is that the physical structures of your brain and the energetic systems of your body will reorganize to allow a greater ease and a greater lightness of being that extends beyond the complaint that brings you in.

I use combinations of mindfulness approaches such as Lifespan Integration therapy, and energetic/intuitive approaches, including Reiki.

Lifespan Integration Therapy

Lifespan Integration (LI) is based on recent developments in brain research. It appears to be significantly more efficient, effective, and permanent than conventional talk therapy in healing most emotional complaints, including but not limited to anxiety, depression and mood, trauma, anger, anorexia, concentration  and relational difficulties.

Neuroscientific research is clear that emotional habits or patterns are wired into your brain–but not permanently.  In fact, your brain is constantly rewiring itself.  The problem is that without intervention, all that new wiring just follows the old pathways and ties you more strongly to the same old problems and feelings.  And so they appear permanent and can even be mistaken for “who you are.”

LI efficiently focuses the innate growth and changeability of the mind to wire you for emotional clarity and peace.  The basic process can be thought of as a cross between a guided therapeutic meditation and mindfulness therapy. Full conscious memory is not necessary for events to be resolved.

Clients typically report a pervasive sense of “relief” and “calm” and report later their old “triggers” are gone. When the issue is fully addressed, these results are lasting.

Lifespan Integration appears to change your brain at a synaptic level, allowing greater emotional ease and “spontaneous” behavior changes, even in children. You don’t have to remember to be different. You are different.

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