About Sharon Eiler

I am a Psychotherapist and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist serving individuals, couples, parents, and youth in Seattle and Bainbridge Island. I have a strong and diverse theoretical grounding. But it’s my own life experience and my belief in the purpose of the human experience that allows me to help you step in to your genuine self.

I’m trained in mind-body therapies, energy work, family systems, and psychodynamic therapies. But wildernesses, literature, relationships, parenthood, meditation, and a lifelong commitment to personal growth have been my best teachers. I listen to your whole story–beyond words and across emotional states.

I’ve spent significant time backpacking in the Cascade, Olympic, Sierra, and Rocky Mountains, a passion that has always been grounding for me. Over a period of three years, I facilitated therapeutic month-long outdoor trips for troubled adolescents, working to improve relationships with their families and get them back on track. I have two children of my own, and they continue to fascinate and engage me in the subtleties of human development. I practice yoga and meditation, and commute by bike.

I’ve worked in the mental health field since 1990, as a therapist since 2002. I began my private practice in 2004.

A Few Comments From Clients

“I feel so good after LI. It’s been so helpful. I don’t get as anxious, and my face doesn’t get red or so hot in meetings anymore. That was a real problem my whole life–my whole life. Even K’s behavior is so much better that I schedule playdates now.  People comment how much he’s growing up–but I know it’s because I’m calmer. He got calmer too, right away. Thank you!”

–K.V., 35 y.o. mom of a 4 y.o.

“In the session, I could feel myself change. I started off feeling my life, my whole past, was hopeless and negative. I was so stupid. Then I started to see things I’d learned. In the end, I really saw the  beauty I’d missed before. I was ok, even then.

I really feel the difference, at work and with my kids. Even when things go wrong, I don’t get thrown off. I just handle it.”

–M.J., 40 y.o. male

“I really trust and believe in this therapy. I can see so many things I could never see before. I have such gratitude for my work with Sharon.”

–R.B., 26 y.o. male

Therapeutic Influences

Lifespan Integration, Mindfulness practices and research, Neuroscience,  Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy, Attachment theory, Systems theory, Shamanic practice, energy work.


Pacific Lutheran University, MA. University of Montana, MA, MFA. Santa Clara University, BA.

You can follow me on Twitter, where I share tidbits about relationships, mindfulness, and personal growth.

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