Joy is your birthright.

Some part of you knows the feeling when your body-mind-spirit is clear and aligned. Life flows easily, brightly, peacefully, and productively. It’s the authentic you.

Negative experiences, hurtful relationships, or even life gone awry in unknown ways–can all lead to anxiety, depression, trauma, “stuckness,” or just a hard time connecting with others. You can lose hope. But the authentic you never goes away or dims in brightness. It’s just waiting to be welcomed home.

I’m an individual and marriage counselor practicing psychotherapy and Reiki in Seattle.

I work with individuals, parents, youth, and all couples.

I bring both a scientific- and intuitive-mind as I attend to your whole system: your body, your mind, all that connects you, and all you’re connected to. My intention is to strengthen and integrate your most whole self, which then becomes a trustworthy guide. Integration is reflected physically in the structures of your brain, and in the quality of your energetic field. With integration, greater clarity, stability and peace become “natural.” Life moves easily. This is your birthright–to be clearly and joyfully you.

I use attachment-based and mindfulness approaches such as Lifespan Integration therapy (based on the latest in neuropsychology), as well as energetic and intuitive approaches, including Reiki. Psychotherapists and energy workers often refer to one another because the two modalities speed and strengthen each other. I am one of few practitioners who can flexibly offer the benefits of both worlds, and accepts all medical insurance.

Therapy with Sharon is top-rate, no question. I look back at how far I’ve come over the past year and a half–I couldn’t have imagined it when we started.

–S.C., 38 y.o. male

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